Etihad Airways

Abu Dhabi Intl and Etihad roll out Wellness Ambassador initiative
01 Jul 2020
More Wellness Ambassadors will now be in place around the airport to protect wellbeing of passengers and boost confidence
Etihad Airways launches Covid-19 ‘risk-checker’ app
23 Jun 2020
App allows passengers to check the likelihood of having contracted Covid-19 before they fly
BEHIND THE SCENES: What it's like to travel under Etihad's new passenger experience
22 Jun 2020
Passengers can expect a completely different experience when arriving at Abu Dhabi Intl and boarding Etihad’s aircraft
Etihad launches new travel incentive scheme to encourage passengers
13 Jun 2020
Passengers who purchase an Etihad Travel Voucher before June 24 will receive 50% cash value off future travel
Etihad Airways launches new connection flights linking 20 cities
04 Jun 2020
Transfer services will help Etihad return to meaningful flying and reassume its role as a super-connector
Etihad Airways lays off 'hundreds' of employees including crew
20 May 2020
News of redundancies comes as Etihad announces partnership with GAL to have staff seconded

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