Fly me to space? UAE Space Agency in talks with Virgin Galactic to launch flights
17 Mar 2019
Richard Branson's Abu Dhabi-backed company successfully launched its SpaceShipTwo plane to space in February
Jeddah flight returns after mother leaves baby in airport terminal
13 Mar 2019
Saudi Arabian Airlines flight is forced to return to the King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah
Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 crashed with 'no survivors'
10 Mar 2019
According to the airline, all 157 people on board the Boeing 787 MAX-8, which reportedly crashed six minutes after take-off, have died.
Emirates airline, Etihad Airways resume all flights to Pakistan
04 Mar 2019
Emirates said flights to/from Sialkot have been cancelled until March 4
Hijacker shot dead after failed attempt to take over Dubai-bound flight
25 Feb 2019
All 134 passengers and 14 crew aboard the Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight were all rescued unharmed
Ural Airlines flight forced to land after passengers display symptoms of poisoning
22 Jan 2019
The Dubai-bound flight declared a medical emergency after passengers on board reported symptoms, such as suffocation and green pigmentation of their skin

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