Abu Dhabi International revamps connectivity offering
01 Jan 2019
The new 'Super-Fi' service enables passengers to upload and download speeds of up to 200mbps per user
British Airways begins rollout of Wi-Fi on long-haul aircraft
10 Feb 2018
Over the next two years, the airline will connect 118 of its long-haul aircraft
How can airlines improve inflight internet?
31 Aug 2017
Inflight WiFi is still not upto the level passengers want. But Inmarsat Aviation is helping airlines bridge the gap. Ben Griffin, MEA Regional Director, speaks with Aviation Business
Etihad to offer free Wi-Fi, iPads on US-bound flights
29 Mar 2017
Larger electronic devices will be packed into specially provided secure cases that will be stored in the aircraft’s cargo hold
IAG brings Wi-fi on shorthaul flights
03 Nov 2016
By 2019, 90% of IAG airlines’ fleets will be fitted with high quality connectivity, the company said in a statement.
Singapore Airlines gets new in-flight communication coverage
19 Sep 2012
The airline will provide Inmarsat's SwiftBroadband connectivity to long-haul passengers

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