carbon emissions

The importance of maintaining a focus on carbon goals
17 Apr 2020
Lufthansa Group remains focused on fulfilling its carbon reduction pledge, Steffen Milchsack, head of stakeholder relations, explains.
Pressure on airlines to dump ‘fuel tankering’ practise after investigation
12 Nov 2019
Critics say money-saving practise undermines aviation industry’s claims that it is fully committed to cutting carbon emissions
New ‘two-minute’ carbon offset tool to pierce private jet market
10 Nov 2019
System quickly calculates flight’s emissions and produces list of carbon offset providers for customers to choose from
Governments place environment top of the agenda at ICAO assembly
06 Oct 2019
Leaders pass resolution to ‘reaffirm and strengthen’ support for carbon reduction scheme
Aviation could be UK's biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, warn government advisers
24 Sep 2019
Committee on Climate Change unveils options to reduce emissions, including higher taxes for frequent flyers
Revealed: How many trees you'd need to buy to offset the CO2 from a Dubai-London flight
16 Sep 2019
The average flight from London to Dubai produces an average of about 1 tonne of CO2 per passenger

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