IATA unveils ‘airline self-assessment health checklist’
19 Aug 2020
Harmonised approach to health is key to industry’s recovery, says IATA
Half of Middle East’s aviation-related jobs under threat
16 Aug 2020
IATA estimates 1.5 million jobs related to the aviation sector are at risk because of the deepening industry crisis
Half of airlines expect to cut workforces in coming months
09 Aug 2020
Many airlines have already cut substantial numbers of jobs but most expect more lay-offs are to come
Middle East airlines 'recovering slower than global average'
03 Aug 2020
Recovery in the Middle East region is slow compared to the global average, IATA says
Passenger traffic won’t recover to pre-Covid levels until 2024
29 Jul 2020
It was previously estimated that air traffic would recover to pre-crisis levels by 2023
REVEALED: What's really stopping passengers from flying?
09 Jul 2020
Survey reveals that airline industry still needs to communicate key messages to public before people start flying again

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