‘Government policies continue to hamper air travel recovery’
03 Sep 2020
IATA calls on governments to work together to come up with alternatives to blanket border closures and quarantine measures
Airline capacity expanding ‘too quickly’
02 Sep 2020
Government policies are making it hard for airlines to plan schedules effectively, piling further pressure on cash reserves
Travellers face penalties for refusing to wear face coverings
26 Aug 2020
Failure to comply can jeopardise a flight’s safety and impact the work environment for crew, says IATA
IATA unveils ‘airline self-assessment health checklist’
19 Aug 2020
Harmonised approach to health is key to industry’s recovery, says IATA
Half of Middle East’s aviation-related jobs under threat
16 Aug 2020
IATA estimates 1.5 million jobs related to the aviation sector are at risk because of the deepening industry crisis
Half of airlines expect to cut workforces in coming months
09 Aug 2020
Many airlines have already cut substantial numbers of jobs but most expect more lay-offs are to come

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