jazeera airways

CEO VIEW: 'Coronavirus has redefined what it means to be a successful airline'
27 Jul 2020
‘Meaningless metrics’ like fleet and network size will no longer be used to measure an airline’s success following Covid-19 crisis, says Jazeera Airways’ CEO
‘National pride will protect Gulf airlines from collapse’
20 Jul 2020
Jazeera Airways’ CEO foresees more airline failures before the year is out, but not in the Middle East region
Jazeera Airways set to resume operations on 1 August
18 Jul 2020
Jazeera Airways will resume flights to Dubai, Riyadh, Beirut, Istanbul and Amman in its first phase
Jazeera Airways freezes growth plans despite doubling profits
23 Jun 2020
Ventures like Jazeera’s low-cost long-haul flights to the UK will have to wait while the airline weathers the coronavirus crisis
Jazeera Airways puts up 50,000 free tickets for frontline workers
04 Jun 2020
Jazeera Airways has operated repatriation and cargo flights and set up Covid-19 testing centres during the pandemic
Jazeera Airways builds drive-through Covid-19 testing centres in Kuwait
18 May 2020
Jazeera Airways converts airport parking and national stadiums into government testing facilities

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