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IN PICS: British Airways retires 747 fleet amid ’devastating‘ Covid-19 impact
19 Jul 2020
BA makes ’heart-breaking’ decision to accelerate jumbo jet’s retirement as it strips out capacity
British Airways to relaunch London-Dubai route from 17 July
28 Jun 2020
UK carrier is one of the first to confirm plans to operate direct flights to Dubai following the decision to allow tourists from July 7
Major airlines to fight against quarantine rules
07 Jun 2020
IAG boss Willie Walsh expects other airlines will follow its lead of a legal challenge against new quarantine measures
British Airways ready to lay off 12,000 employees as revenues cease
29 Apr 2020
British Airways’ parent group IAG makes €535 million loss in Q1 and warns of worse to come in Q2 as airlines fight for survival
British Airways A350 collides with Emirates B777 on the tarmac
16 Apr 2020
Incident at Dubai International airport is under investigation
Virgin Atlantic to ask for government bailout
29 Mar 2020
Airlines in the UK could lose $21 billion in revenues this year, leaving the likes of Virgin Atlantic, BA and EasyJet desperately short of cash

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