Dnata launches advanced cargo facility at Brussels Airport
28 Mar 2019
In addition to handling standard goods, the new facility is equipped to oversee the processing of specialised cargo, such as pharmaceuticals, live animals, vehicles, and aircraft engines
Etihad Cargo chosen to fly 68 horses to Longines Masters of Hong Kong
06 Feb 2019
This is the third consecutive year that Etihad Cargo has handled the equestrian air transport for the world's most prestigious show jumping event
Bombed-Brussels departure hall reopens
02 May 2016
The airport has opened 111 check-in counters in its departure hall and another 36 in temporary buildings
Brussels Airlines to be brought under Eurowings
28 Apr 2016
Lufthansa is working on brining the part-owned airline into its low-cost platform
COMMENT: Airport security, who's in charge?
17 Apr 2016
Aviation hubs need to work together to address innovative threats
Brussels bombers had planed further French attacks
11 Apr 2016
The militant cell had been plotting to hit France after November's Paris attacks, but were forced to strike closer to home as police closed in

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