Video: Boeing Starliner Landing Convoy Crew breakdown capsule recovery process
03 Jul 2019
The team leader of the Landing Convoy Crew explains how the landing and recovery operation will be conducted ahead of the launch of Boeing's Starliner
Abraaj investigation is 'well resourced', says Dubai's financial regulator
30 Jun 2019
Although Abraaj Group founder has been released on bail, the DFSA will continue its investigation into the case
Video: Boeing gets set to launch its Starliner space vehicle
27 Jun 2019
Boeing's Launch Pad Team Lead gives a tour of the launch site and shares some insights on what to expect on launch day
US, UAE to 'fully maintain' 2002 Open Skies agreement
26 Jun 2019
In May, Emirates CEO and chairman Sheikh Ahmed said that the airline could expand its US operations
Video: Boeing performs taxi test for 777X aircraft
25 Jun 2019
The team at Boeing recently performed a series of low-speed taxi tests, the first time its Boeing 777X flight test aircraft has moved on its own power
Revealed: Which routes are likely to be most impacted by rerouting of UAE flights
25 Jun 2019
UAE airlines like Emirates, Etihad, FlyDubai and Air Arabia have started avoiding restricted airspace around the Gulf of Oman

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