Lufthansa cedes key slots to competitors in bailout deal
01 Jun 2020
Slots at Frankfurt and Munich are up for grabs as Lufthansa reaches deal with European Commission for €9 billion bailout
‘Ghost flights’ glide across Europe protecting precious slots
10 Mar 2020
Virgin Atlantic is one carrier being forced to operate costly and wasteful flights just to protect lucrative slots at major hubs
Airlines call for help as Middle East carriers face 50% sales body-blow
03 Mar 2020
IATA says Middle East governments must support local airlines to mitigate the impact of the virus crisis, which could cost carriers in the region 50% of their revenues
AB Exclusive: Emirates airline's restrictions on access to Berlin airports should be lifted - mayor
05 Jul 2019
Mayor of Berlin said Emirates airline should not be restricted to four German cities as there is a growing demand
Video: IATA releases artsy vid exploring the value of slot mobility
05 Jun 2019
With the increasing demand of air travel and a future where congested airports will become an issue, slot mobility provides carriers a flexible solution to optimise their schedules and create new routes

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