long haul

Could Covid-19 spark the revival of fifth freedom flights?
15 Sep 2020
Fifth freedom flights would allow hub carriers to consolidate their networks and boost revenues, says Linus Benjamin Bauer, managing director at Bauer Aviation Advisory
Norwegian silences naysayers – for now – after securing new capital
13 Nov 2019
Budget long-haul airline is safe for another year but many in the industry are still sceptical about the viability of its business model
CRUNCH TIME: Qantas to discover if ultra-long-haul dream can become reality
18 Oct 2019
Human guinea pigs prepare to board world’s longest commercial flight as part of Qantas’ research into viability of 20-hour journeys
Indigo looking to expand services to international destinations
28 Aug 2019
Low-cost Indian carrier looking at wide body planes as well as Airbus A321 XLR for long haul flights
Only 12 airlines will share major international routes, including three in the Gulf: Lufthansa CEO
21 Aug 2019
Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr forecasts how Gulf airlines might fit into future of long-haul travel

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