iran plane crash

Iran blames ‘human error’ for missile attack on Ukrainian passenger jet
16 Jul 2020
176 people died when Iran’s military mistook the Boeing 737 for a cruise missile
Iran tensions fail to deter Gulf carriers from operating usual flight paths
20 Jan 2020
Emirates, Etihad and others continue to serve Iraqi and Iranian cities while international airlines reroute around airspace
Tehran airport ‘should have been closed’ when jet was shot down
12 Jan 2020
Airline officials say crew acted in accordance with instructions from airport despatcher and say plane ‘did not veer off course’
Iran admits shooting down Ukrainian passenger jet ‘in human error'
11 Jan 2020
Iranian foreign minister says ‘US adventurism’ led to the destruction of a Boeing 737 and the loss of 176 lives
Speculation surrounds Boeing 737 NG crash in Iran
09 Jan 2020
Contradiction and confusion over Ukraine International Airlines flight which crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran, killing 176 people
Boeing 737 crashes in Iran with 176 people on board
08 Jan 2020
Ukrainian International Airlines flight 'suffers engine failure' and Red Crescent says there is no chance of finding survivors

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