Passenger on Emirates flight dies upon landing at DXB
09 Jun 2019
The American passenger who has since been identified as Brandi Hodges, 40, was travelling with her cousin to Dubai for a holiday
41 killed in fiery Aeroflot jet crash
06 May 2019
The Sukhoi Superjet 100 experienced technical issues and was forced to return shortly after departing Sheremetyevo airport
Miami Air International 737 aircraft slides off runway into river
05 May 2019
As the aircraft landed in a military base in Jacksonville during a thunderstorm, it slid off the runway and ended up in a nearby river
FAA: Boeing 737 MAX software upgrade is ‘operationally suitable’
17 Apr 2019
A recommendation presented as part of the draft report is that pilots should receive additional computer-based training for the MCAS automated flight platform
Man arrested after touching people on American Airlines flight
15 Apr 2019
According to local police enforcement in Phoenix, Arizona, the man also sprayed passengers with an unknown liquid
Trump claims planes 'too complex' amid Boeing 737 Max woes
12 Mar 2019
In his official Twitter feed, the President of the United States shared 'Pilots are no longer needed, but rather computer scientists from MIT'

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