VIDEO: Boeing completes key 737 Max certification flights
02 Jul 2020
FAA test pilots and engineers collect flight data over course of three days
Boeing plans for 737 Max recertification flight by end of June
11 Jun 2020
Boeing draws up flight plan to demonstrate 737 Max’s updated flight control software
FAA disagrees with Boeing’s stance on Max wiring debate
09 Mar 2020
Boeing does not think it necessary to move wiring bundles on 737 Max but European and now US regulators disagree
Boeing faces $20m FAA fine over 737 allegations
08 Mar 2020
FAA alleges that Boeing installed equipment on 737 aircraft that had not first been approved by regulators
737 Max pilots may need additional training, says FAA
01 Mar 2020
Pilots on simulation assessments struggle with scenarios similar to those faced by flight crews on 737 Max’s that crashed in 2018 and 2019
EASA and FAA certify Airbus A330-800
26 Feb 2020
Jet completes programme in 370 flight test hours and 132 flights since its first flight in November 2018

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