Environmental Impact

Climate concern is curbing air traffic growth and jet orders, report claims
02 Oct 2019
European and US airlines are already being damaged and manufacturers could see orders drop as a result of ‘flight shame’
Video: Emirates upcycles billboards into school bags for kids in Johannesburg
10 Jun 2019
The airline's sustainability project is aimed at not preserving the limited resources of the planet, while also supporting the academic development of children at a school in Johannesburg
ELeather exec delves into the latest trends driving global aviation
05 May 2019
Nico Den Ouden, global Sales and Marketing Director at ELeather, touches upon key developments, which includes cabin refurbishments, the value of luxury amenity kits, and environmental impact, among others
AVB discovers the science behind the UAE's first sustainable jet fuel
05 Feb 2019
Etihad Airway's Linden Coppell and Dr Alejandro Rios Galvan of the Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium (SBRC), shed light on the project that provided the sustainable jet fuel for last month's successful ...
Etihad Flight EY77 takes to the skies with sustainable fuel
17 Jan 2019
Travelling from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam, Etihad Airway Flight EY77 was the first commercial flight from the UAE to fly utilising locally produced sustainable fuel

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