FAA disagrees with Boeing’s stance on Max wiring debate
09 Mar 2020
Boeing does not think it necessary to move wiring bundles on 737 Max but European and now US regulators disagree
EASA and FAA certify Airbus A330-800
26 Feb 2020
Jet completes programme in 370 flight test hours and 132 flights since its first flight in November 2018
US-Europe disagreement on 737 Max fix threatens to frustrate jet’s return
04 Feb 2020
EASA wants wiring relocated for safety reasons, while the FAA does not
EASA orders Rolls-Royce to swap engines on some 787s over safety fears
28 Jan 2020
Notice from European regulators to ‘de-pair’ Trent1000 engines on 30 Dreamliners comes amid safety concerns over the turbines
European airlines can now train 777, 787 pilots in Middle East
22 Jan 2020
Etihad Aviation Training becomes region’s first academy to offer training on Boeing’s top-selling wide-bodies
737 Max return penned for January at the earliest by European regulators
22 Oct 2019
EASA will only lift aircraft ban after US counterpart but gap would take weeks, according to director general

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