Donald Trump

EU-US tariff war ‘likely to drive up fare prices’, warns Emirates
15 Oct 2019
Sir Tim Clark says increased costs resulting from Trump’s trade spat with Europe will likely have to be passed onto consumers
US confirms 10% tariff on large civil aircraft from EU
06 Oct 2019
Airlines brace for price hikes of European-made aircraft but some Airbus parts will be immune to new tariffs
Airbus warns of 'serious damage' to aviation industry after US wins $7.5bn sanctions battle with EU
03 Oct 2019
EU and US must negotiate to avoid ‘serious damage to aviation industry’, says Airbus CEO as WTO gives Trump go-ahead to impose massive tariffs on European aircraft
Trump claims planes 'too complex' amid Boeing 737 Max woes
12 Mar 2019
In his official Twitter feed, the President of the United States shared 'Pilots are no longer needed, but rather computer scientists from MIT'

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