737 MAX

UAE regulators likely to follow FAA’s lead on 737 Max approval
01 Jul 2020
Boeing’s 737 Max could return to the skies above the Gulf by mid-September, according to current schedule
Norwegian Air cancels 92 Boeing 737 Max and five Dreamliner orders
30 Jun 2020
Significant blow for Boeing just as it is given clearance to start flight testing 737 Max
Boeing's 737 Max takes to the skies as flight tests commence
29 Jun 2020
FAA and Boeing pilots perform flight tests over Washington state lasting several hours, including trying out the updated MCAS system
Boeing plans for 737 Max recertification flight by end of June
11 Jun 2020
Boeing draws up flight plan to demonstrate 737 Max’s updated flight control software
Boeing resumes 737 Max production with view to ramp up assemblies
02 Jun 2020
Boeing resumes production at a low level as customers look to defer aircraft deliveries amid pandemic
Boeing loses more than 100 737 Max orders in a single month
13 May 2020
737 Max grounding has now cost Boeing $5 billion and is being exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic ripping through the airline industry

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