Davos jets leaving World Economic Forum offered ‘sustainable fuel’

Alternative aviation fuel is available in Zurich airports for private jet users wanting to lower their carbon footprints
Zurich airport, Davos, World economic forum
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Private jets departing the World Economic Forum at Davos this week will be offered ‘sustainable aviation fuel’ (SAF) as part of the event’s efforts to appear greener.

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) said in a statement that the fuel would be available at Zurich airport.

The fuel is a 30% blend with conventional aviation fuel and IBAC claims it can lower carbon emissions by around 18% on a 1,000 nautical mile flight.

Offering alternative fuels is a key part of the WEF’s attempts to appear more climate-friendly as a heavy environmental focus is placed on this year’s conference.

The statement added that a “book-and-claim,” initiative will be available to jet operators flying to Davos from certain US airports.

“Business jet operators and their stakeholders around the world can and should request SAF when fuelling their tanks,” said Kurt Edwards, director general for IBAC.

“The demand for SAF is the game changer for more production, and the time is now to bring the supply to our industry and demonstrate that thousands of aircraft are ready to fly with SAF.”

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