Bahrain opens to travellers from 182 countries

Easing of border restrictions means Gulf Air can resume operations and begin recovery process
Bahrain airport, Gulf Air

Bahrain has re-opened its borders to tourists and non-residents following the introduction of new Covid-19 testing measures.

Passengers holding electronic visas and those eligible for visas on arrival – from 114 countries and 68 countries, respectively – will now be able to enter the Kingdom.

Bahraini citizens, residents, and GCC nationals continue to be permitted, as well as diplomats, military personnel, airline crew, and holders of official, service, or UN passports.

The revised measures include a requirement for passengers to undergo a PCR test at their own expense after landing.

Arrivals must remain in self-isolation until negative results are received, while transfer passengers are exempted from the tests.

The requirement to quarantine has been removed, but those staying in the country for longer than 10 days must take a follow-up test on the 10th day of their visit.

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