Emirates, DXB on approach to normality

Capacity is already up to 50% in the UAE and Emirates expects to serve 100% of network by summer 2021
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Emirates and Dubai International Airport appear to be on the way to returning to some kind of normality as passenger confidence slowly begins to increase.

Airlines in the UAE have seen passenger capacity increase to around 50% on average since travel restrictions began to ease and Dubai opened to tourists. Dubai Airport is now processing around 20,000 passengers a day since opening to tourists on 7 July.

Emirates’ chief operating officer Adel Al Redha said last week that the airline aims to be back at full capacity by summer 2021, serving its full network of 143 destinations.

"I think we can easily say by summer 2021, we will be serving 100 per cent of our network destinations, that means 143 destinations will be served by summer 2021," Al Redha told CNBC.

He said that the frequency of flights will depend on the level of demand and travel restrictions.

Emirates is currently operating at over half of its pre-pandemic capacity, serving around 75 destinations.

Al Redha said: "I wouldn’t say the worst is behind us, but definitely it is a positive trend. If I compare our performance now with a month ago, we have almost doubled the number of passengers we have been carrying onboard our aircraft, as transit or terminating in Dubai."

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