Emirates returns nearly AED 2 billion in refunds

Emirates processes 650,000 refund requests in last two months following Covid-19 flight cancellations
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Emirates says it has returned almost AED 2 billion ($544 million) to customers after hundreds of flights were cancelled during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dubai’s carrier has processed nearly 650,000 refund requests in the past two months after ramping up its refund capabilities to clear a backlog of half-a-million requests.

The airline crossed that target by early June, after expanding its processing capability from an average of 35,000 requests a month, to nearly 200,000.

"This pandemic is a black swan event no-one expected, impacting travellers and hitting the airline and travel industry hard,” said Adnan Kazim, Emirates’ CCO.

“It is tough times for everyone, but we are committed to doing what's right by our customers. That's why we ringfenced cash to honour refunds, and invested resources to expedite processing. Our average processing time for refunds has reduced from 90 days to 60, and as we see lower volumes of new requests we expect this rate to further improve.”

Emirates still has over half-a-million refund requests to manage and expects to clear them within the next two months.

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