Etihad Airways launches Covid-19 ‘risk-checker’ app

App allows passengers to check the likelihood of having contracted Covid-19 before they fly
Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is partnering with Austrian-based healthcare technology company Medicus AI to launch a Covid-19 risk-assessment app so passengers can check the likelihood of having contracted the virus before they travel.

The risk-assessment tool requires passengers to respond to a set of 22 questions and is based on World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines that are updated daily.

“We know that health and wellbeing will be a major factor impacting the travel decisions of our guests and are committed to ensuring their continued safety and peace of mind when they choose to travel with Etihad Airways,” said Frank Meyer, chief digital officer at Etihad Airways.

“As flying operations begin to resume globally, we want to empower our guests to make informed decisions on travel.”

Dr Baher Al Hakim, CEO of Medicus AI, said: “Our initial efforts at the start of the pandemic were to help provide assessment and monitoring tools, and as needs shift, our efforts have evolved to help our partners bring people back to their day-to-day life in a safe manner.” 

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