Emirates ‘air bridges’ could let passengers from certain cities bypass 14-day quarantine

Air bridges allow tourists to travel between two countries without needing to quarantine
Emirates air bridge, Emirates

Dubai-based Emirates is planning to open ‘air bridges’ with European countries, according to local media reports.

Air bridges, also referred to as ‘travel corridors’, would allow tourists to travel between two countries during the current coronavirus pandemic, without needing to quarantine.

In an interview with Al Arabiya on Tuesday, Adel Al Redha, COO of Emirates, said: “Building air bridges between cities is very important and it’s currently useful.

“With agreements on certain measures, it could be done between cities to allow citizens and residents of the two countries to enter and exit without being quarantined.

“We have started talks with some countries and some cities in Europe to operate some of these flights with certain agreements.”

Currently, countries in Europe are requiring visitors to quarantine for 14 days on arrival. However, agreements between countries, particularly those with low cases of coronavirus, could see the two-week period waived to allow tourists to travel without restrictions.

Emirates is currently flying to 30 cities across the world, including repatriation flights to Egypt announced last week, although Al Redha revealed that would be ramped up further from the start of next month.

“Beginning of July we will operate to new destinations after getting the relevant approvals from countries,” he said.

Source: Arabian Business

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