CRUNCH TIME: Airlines told to brace for Q2 as industry looks set for $314 billion hit
15 Apr 2020
IATA worsens outlook for 2020 and warns ‘many airlines’ face collapse if Q2’s $61 billion liquidity crisis goes unanswered
How to reboot the airline industry post-Covid-19
08 Apr 2020
Governments and aviation companies must coordinate efforts and avoid making the same mistakes made post 9/11, according to IATA
Etihad Airways to trial new ‘Covid-19 self-checker' at Abu Dhabi Intl
07 Apr 2020
Etihad’s self-service devices will monitor passengers’ key readings and will automatically suspend check-in process if passenger shows signs of illness
Airbus’ massive Beluga used to transport face masks in Covid-19 fight
06 Apr 2020
Airbus’ air-bridge is bringing millions of face masks from China where they are distributed between its sites in Europe
COMMENT: Resilience training can help airline execs to ride the Covid-19 wave
06 Apr 2020
Steve Ford, pilot, author and industry commentator, draws on his own experience in industry downturns to offer execs advice on the importance of resistance training during the current crisis.
Governments must treat state-owned and private airlines equally during crisis, says IATA
05 Apr 2020
Both private and state-owned airlines must be protected to ensure a smooth recovery from Covid-19, warns IATA’s MENA regional VP

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