Drunk passenger who slapped air stewardess jailed in Dubai

Flydubai aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia.

An Egyptian passenger who assaulted an air stewardess and insulted other crew members was been jailed for one year by the Dubai Courts.

The passenger became so disruptive on board the Flydubai flight from Dubai to Alexandria that he had to be restrained in his seat, and the flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia.

The man was sent back to Dubai, which led to his appearance at Dubai Court of First.

The court heard how the 40-year-old, who had been drinking prior to boarding the flight on November 26, asked for a glass of ice because he wanted to start drinking the alcohol that he had bought in duty free.

When he was refused, he began insulting a Moroccan air stewardess, and ignored pleas from cabin crew to calm down. The woman sat beside him asked to be moved via a note she passed to cabin crew because she was so frightened by his behaviour, but the man stopped her from doing so.

When he went to go to the toilet, he barged his way past the food trolley which was in his way. When he emerged from the toilet, he slapped one of the air stewardesses.

He was subsequently confined to his seat by cabin crew, before the flight made its emergency landing in Saudi Arabia. The man will be deported after serving his one year in jail.

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