‪Airbus buys 50% of @Bombardier's C-Series Aircraft Ltd, doubles down on single aisle

Bombardier receives much needed cash infusion as Airbus pits itself against rival Boeing in chase for single aisle market control

Airbus just announced it will acquire 50 percent of the Bombardier company that manufactures the C-Series aircraft.

The move pits Europe's largest aircraft manufacturer against rival Boeing after the US-based company won an import duty ruling against Canada's Bombardier.

The ruling by the US Department of Commerce in September placed a 219 percent import duty on all C-Series aircraft into the US.

Bombardier had reportedly spent close to $6 billion on the C-Series but hadn't been able to register any orders for the aircraft since March 2016.

Airbus's investment in the C-Series gives it a broader portfolio in the single aisle sector which the company says it can help better procure for as well as market, and sell, according to a statement released by the company.

The C-Series will allow the ability to compete on both the lower and higher range of products in the single aisle market which Airbus says 70 percent of future aircraft demand is expected to account for.

Airbus currently competes Boeing's 737 product line in the single aisle market primarily with its A320 family of aircraft. The former is the world's best selling aircraft; the latter is the world's best selling aircraft since its launch in 1984.

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