flydubai tracks cleaning cycles of seat covers in virus fight

Tracking solution from Irish firm allows the airline to monitor cleaning cycles of individual seat covers
Flydubai, RFIDAeroTrack, Aerospace Software Developments

flydubai has begun using new software to track the cleaning cycles of each aircraft seat cover to help maintain high standards of in-flight hygiene.

The RFIDAeroTrack software by Irish company, Aerospace Software Developments (ASD), enhances efficiency by monitoring the cleaning of aircraft seat covers through technologically advanced RFID tags that are attached to individual seat covers to provide a unique identification.

Seat covers are scanned when removed from the aircraft and any seat cover that has reached its maximum number of cleaning cycles is taken out of service.

The remaining covers are scanned again at the time that they are dispatched to the laundry, and tracked and labelled at various stages of cleaning, to keep track of their cleaning cycles and life span.  

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to help us to improve efficiency,” said

Mick Hills, senior VP of engineering and maintenance at flydubai.

Dave Browne, managing director of ASD, said: “ASD has worked closely and successfully with flydubai for many years and this latest enhancement continues to demonstrate ASD’s ability to innovate and implement functionally-rich cost-effective solutions.”

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