Pilot training academy starts selling aviation merchandise online

Alpha Aviation Academy UAE’s online store sells aviation apparel, gifts, supplies, accessories, appliances and aircraft models
Alpha Aviation Academy UAE, Alpha Aviation Academy

Alpha Aviation Academy UAE, a pilot training provider, has launched Alpha Aviation Store, an online store selling aviation apparel, gifts, supplies, accessories, appliances and aircraft models, to supplement its revenues.

The online aviation store will serve as the Alpha Aviation’s e-commerce shop for aviation professionals, enthusiasts, hobbyists and the general public.

Alpha Aviation Store launched in response to the increase in e-commerce purchases during the pandemic and a need to diversify and find alternative sources of revenues while the world’s pilots remained largely grounded.

Captain Nadhem AlHamad, general manager at Alpha Aviation Academy UAE, said: “The growing trend and demand for online shopping has been effectively demonstrated by the recent surge in sales and shipments amongst e-commerce retailers.

“More than 90% of consumers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia alone have shifted to online buying and retailers are currently facing an immense pressure to expand their online presence while existing players are head-on-head in stepping up their game.

“This paves way for Alpha to emerge as a market entrant to a niche market that caters to those who are mainly focused on aviation merchandise. In doing so, Alpha prides itself in filling the identified gap and serving the global aviation community by delivering its aviation needs to its doorstep.”

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