Gulf Aviation Academy wins dual EASA certification for A320 sim

European regulators approve GAA’s A320 ceo and neo training as well as Upset Prevention & Recovery Training
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Bahrain’s Gulf Aviation Academy has received dual certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for its new A320 flight simulator for the joint different A320ceo and A320neo engines types as well as UPRT training capabilities. 

Gulf Aviation Academy is targeting carriers in the Middle East that have recently taken delivery of their neo fleets in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman and others. It is now also be able to train pilots from European airlines.

“This dual seal of ‘approval’ allows GAA to offer two new and distinct training products which is mandated by the operators,” said Osama Al Sayed, senior manager strategic planning at the academy.

“Although similar, the ceo and neo aircraft types have a shared cockpit but the newer engines means changes in limitations such as weight, speeds, time for engines to warm and cool, and other display properties that pilots need to train in in order to be professional on both types. 

“With EASA’s approvals we can now offer a training product not only attractive to Bahrain and the GCC region but also to airlines based in Europe. 

“Deliveries of the A320neo and A321neos have started and we are ready to continue supporting our clients as they accept these aircrafts in their fleets, especially as Middle Eastern carriers have directly ordered more than 270 aircraft.”

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