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Dynamic Advanced Training’s operations director, Mark Kammer, provides an overview of Dubai’s hyper-realistic aviation training centre
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Dynamic was originally set up to fill a need in the region for quality aviation safety and emergency procedure training for aircrew.

In addition to commercial aviation, Dynamic’s intent was also to create an independent, state-of -the-art facility capable of fulfilling the specific SEP and VIP service training needs of business aviation.

Thus complementing business jet synthetic flight training, bearing in mind that Dubai is already an established hub for private aviation. Dynamic offers a new approach to training by providing unique learning experiences with a focus on hands-on and evidence-based training. Dynamic offers a one-stop shop with all training requirements conducted under one roof.

Dynamic has placed an emphasis on business jet training. For the first time ever, Dynamic has designed a Business Jet Full Flight Cabin Simulator that operates on a full motion system with six degrees of freedom. Movement is synchronised with highly detailed cabin and cockpit visuals providing a realistic flight experience. The learning experience is as real as it gets.

Dynamic provides the opportunity to complete a specific type-rating training without resorting to the use of the real aircraft, avoiding unnecessary wear and tear or damage. It also allows the joint crew to go through an authentic, same training experience. The unique cabin simulators and the use of an FBO style stock room enable the trainees to acquire the essential knowledge and skills to operate effectively in such a demanding VIP work environment.

There is an unfortunate perception by aircrew that conventional SEP training does not necessarily address or match their needs for effective on-line operation. Dynamic’s new approach of hands-on training allows individuals to have a better grasp and appreciation of the topic learned and helps them to fully experience and analyse accompanied risks accordingly.

Consequently, crew will be able to create and adopt a safety culture based on individual experience that helps them develop and synchronise their motor skills, self-reflect and gauge their own development. This new approach allows the individual to be fully immersed throughout the training programme which not only eliminates the boredom factor of long class training hours but adds fun and enjoyment. Hence Dynamic’s motto: ‘We entertain while we train’.

Aircrew are awestruck by the level of realism the training provides. Training, which is generally viewed as an obligation by many, becomes fun and enjoyable compared to the conventionally dominating styles. Dynamic is a one-stop-shop, accredited by the GCAA and can accommodate a variety of both commercial and business jet training in the fields of SEP, customer service and aviation leadership training. Dynamic provides customised consultation, guidance and support for interested customers. Customers keen to explore the benefits of Dynamic’s services offered are welcome to contact the management to arrange for a visit and a further discussion.

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