Commercial aircraft left idle on the tarmac are offered saving grace

Cash-strapped airlines are unwilling to invest too heavily in preservation currently but Cortec Middle East is offering a cost-effective solution
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Almost the entire Middle East fleet of commercial aircraft is currently grounded and planes have been left sitting idle on the tarmac while international travel restrictions remain in place.

Preserving and maintain grounded aircraft is an additional, unwelcome cost for airlines currently facing a major liquidity crisis.

But the cost of repairing and replacing equipment which has not been maintained effectively can in the long term be a greater cost to operators.

One company is now offering complementary technical consultancy to help both airlines and ground handling services implement a cost-effective programme aimed at protecting equipment from corrosion.

Cortec Middle East provides asset preservation products and services for industries across the Middle East, including construction, oil and gas, and aviation.

A spokesperson for the company said it is gearing up its support for the aviation sector and is offering new industry approved and cost-effective solutions “to ensure a trouble-free return post-pandemic crisis”.  

The firm has published a guide to preserving grounded aircraft using Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) products such as removable coatings, additives, emitters for the protection of electronics, and protective films for the engines.

Cortec Middle East has boosted stocks at its facilities at Dubai World Central in anticipation of new business. The firm has a number of authorised distributors in the region.

“We recognise the need for quick and effective logistical and technical support, said Usama Jacir, general Manager of Cortec Middle East.

“We are committed to providing our clients with the needed expertise for preservation of their grounded aircraft and operational spares.”

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