Airbus’ wing plants in UK and Germany to slow production

Lower demand for wings resulting from reduced production at final assembly lines sees UK and Germany scale back work for three weeks
Airbus, Airbus Broughton

The factories where Airbus makes the wings for its commercial jets will temporarily reduce their production rates in response to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

Staff at Airbus’ plant in Broughton, UK, will take an extended Easter holiday while employees at the Bremen factory in Germany will work fewer days for the next three weeks.

The move follows the resumption of production and assembly work in France and Spain on Monday, which came after a four day pause.

While Airbus’ sites in France closed so that new work processes could be implemented in response to the virus outbreak, operations in the UK, Germany and US continued as normal.

“Based on the adapted ways of working which reflect the new health and safety measures, Airbus is continuing to evaluate its production flow,” the planemaker said in a statement.

With fewer planes being put together at final assembly lines, the demand for wings is less.

Airbus’ sites in the UK and Germany will remain open for the next three weeks and will continue to deliver wings to final assembly lines.

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