Mitsubishi’s new regional jet enters final phase of flight testing

SpaceJet M90 will be Japan’s first-ever commercial jet and will target regional operators
Mitsubishi SpaceJet, Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi’s SpaceJet M90 is one step closer to entering the market after the aircraft entered the final phase of certification flight testing.

SpaceJet M90 is Japan’s first commercial jet and is targeted at regional airlines operating short-haul and connective routes.

Mitsubishi this week completed the maiden flight of Flight Test Vehicle 10 (FTV10), the first SpaceJet M90 in final.

FTV10 took off from the Prefectural Nagoya Airport and conducted basic aircraft performance tests in normal operating conditions over the Pacific Ocean.

After approximately two hours of flight, the aircraft returned to Nagoya.

Hiroyoshi Takase, a captain aboard FTV10’s maiden flight, said: “Today’s flight test was conducted smoothly and according to plan. The aircraft delivered on expectations and handled just as I anticipated.”

In the coming weeks Mitsubishi Aircraft plans to continue flight tests on FTV10 in Nagoya, as well as prepare for the ferry flight to Moses Lake Flight Test Center (MFC) to join the remainder of the Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90 test fleet for the final phase of type certification flight test.

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