AMAC Aerospace granted flurry of new maintenance checks

AMAC Aerospace recently carried out a six-month-check on a Boeing BBJ 737 and will now take on several new private jets
AMAC Aerospace, MRO
AMAC Aerospace

AMAC Aerospace has been awarded with several new maintenance projects in Basel, Switzerland, and has completed a re-delivery of a Boeing BBJ 737 on time.

A Gulfstream GV has arrived at AMAC recently for an annual inspection and a privately-owned Airbus ACJ 319 will arrive in April for a Ka-Band antenna installation.

AMAC Aerospace signed a new contract for a privately-owned Airbus ACJ 318. The ACJ 318 will arrive at AMAC in March and will undergo a 1A-, 2A-, 1C-, 2C- and 4C-check in Basel.

Meanwhile, the Airbus ACJ 319 will enter AMAC’s hangar at the beginning of March to undergo a six-year-check and have a Ka-Band installed.

AMAC Aerospace recently accomplished a six-month-check on a Boeing BBJ 737. The privately-owned aircraft arrived on short notice and was released on time last week.

A Boeing BBJ 737 is currently in AMAC’s hangar in Basel to undergo a C2-check. In parallel, AMAC will perform a 96-month-check on the BBJ aircraft.

A privately-owned Boeing BBJ 737 is shortly expected at AMAC; a 1A- and 2A-check in conjunction with an OOP (out of phase) task to be performed.

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