UPS closes year with largest Expo 2020 shipment

UPS adds around-the-world flight to Dubai using its biggest-ever 747-8 aircraft to ramp up operations ahead of Expo
UPS, Expo 2020

UPS signed off 2019 by completing a series of multi-modal deliveries for Expo 2020 Dubai’s entry portals in the run-up to next year’s official opening.

It choreographed multiple shipments from Germany through Belgium’s Port of Antwerp and into Dubai’s major commercial port in Jebel Ali.

The 21 x 30 meter, carbon-fiber structures were placed at the three main entrances to the site.

“These extraordinary entry portals will welcome 25 million visits — equal to the population of Australia — and, likewise the logistics required for these shipments, is nothing short of monumental,” said Nando Cesarone, president, UPS International.

“Whether it’s delivering a 21 meter entry way or a small package for an international visitor at the Expo 2020 site, our world-class logistics are made possible by a dedicated team that will grow to up to 600 for this global undertaking.”

Sanjive Khosla, Expo 2020 Dubai’s chief commercial officer, said: “Transporting the iconic entry portals to our fast-developing site in Dubai was a major organisational and logistical challenge but as ever our Official Logistics Partner, UPS, delivered without a hitch.

“We will be continuing to rely on their expertise and unmatched network all the way to 20 October 2020 when those portals will welcome millions of visitors to the World’s Greatest Show.”

Cesarone added: “We are transforming our smart global logistics network in the Middle East to ensure a seamless delivery of Expo 2020.

“Our regional headquarters is in the UAE, which is within an 8-hour flight from two-thirds of the world’s population and 65% of the world’s GDP. We have added a new, around-the-world flight to Dubai, flying our biggest-ever 747-8 aircraft.”

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