Lufthansa Cargo launches dynamic pricing in Middle East

Automated spot prices will speed up and simplify booking process for customers in the Middle East
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Lufthansa Cargo

Customers in the Middle East are among those who will be part of a new pilot scheme launched by Lufthansa Cargo to introduce dynamic pricing.

Lufthansa’s dynamic spot prices are automatically generated in real time via the Rapid Rate Response (RRR) mechanism and are displayed as directly bookable offers.

The move is designed to improve the customer experience and simplify the process, said Dorothea von Boxberg, CCO at Lufthansa Cargo.

She said: "With automated spot prices, we can make our customers offers. We are speeding up and simplifying our booking process considerably and further expanding our digital sales channels. This complements our existing personal and digital services.”

Lufthansa Cargo uses Rapid Rate Response on all of its own booking channels.

Starting this month, the system will generate spot price offers for all customers based in markets including the Middle East and Iran.

Other areas include Thailand, Vietnam, north and northeast India, Beijing, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Spain and Portugal.

Lufthansa Cargo will gradually extend the system and deploy it worldwide by the end of 2020.
Rapid Rate Response is connected to the existing online sales channels and is also available to the sales employees for personal or telephone support.

In addition to the option of booking on the company's own e-booking channel, Lufthansa Cargo will in future also offer air freight forwarders the option of directly connecting their own systems via an application programming interface (API).

Perspectively, external sales platforms will also be successively connected. is the first platform with which Lufthansa Cargo has already gone live.

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