Latest Mi-38 helicopter is introduced to Middle East investors

Cost-effective civilian Mi-38 targets wealthy UAE buyers as it takes part in Dubai Airshow flying programme
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The Russian Helicopters Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation) made the first foreign presentation of its newest Mi-38 civilian helicopter this week.

The rotorcraft featuring a luxury cabin was showcased at the static exposition, and also took part in the flight programme.

The civilian version of the first serial Mi-38 helicopter was introduced last August at MAKS-2019 Moscow air show, where it was demonstrated to the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The engines of Mi-38 are located behind the main rotor transmission, instead of their traditional forward placement, which ensures the reduction in aerodynamic resistance and noise level in the cockpit, as well as increased safety.

RHC says the competitive advantage of Mi-38 is its cost, which is lower than that of its same-class peers.

The flight range of the transport version of the new Mi-38 helicopter is up to 1,000 kilometers (with additional fuel tanks). With its maximum take-off weight of 15.6 tonnes, the helicopter can carry five tons of payload on board or on an external sling.

The light Ansat helicopter was also introduced to the Middle East. The corporate version of the rotorcraft took part in the flight programme of the show.

Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov said: “The format and content of the participation of Russian Helicopters Holding Company in the Dubai Airshow demonstrate the new approaches of Rostec State Corporation to promoting Russian high-tech civilian products on foreign markets.

“We are confident that, in terms of its price and quality, Russian-made helicopters can be quite competitive in the world market and we expect that their demonstration will result in more actual contracts.”

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