VIDEO: Kitty Hawk quietly unveils new electric VTOL vehicle

Google-backed secretive aviation firm says its third development is 100 times quieter than a helicopter
2019 Kris Cheng

Aviation start-up Kitty Hawk has lifted the curtain on its latest and third aircraft development.

The Heaviside, named after physicist and electrical engineer Oliver Heaviside, is designed to seamlessly fit into the city environment and claims to be a quieter solution to helicopters.

The electric VTOL vehicle is designed to be fast, small and “exceedingly quiet”.

The Heaviside vehicle is roughly 100 times quieter than a regular helicopter, the company claims.

Once in the air, the vehicle is designed to blend into the background noise of a city or suburb.

Heaviside can travel from San Jose to San Francisco in 15 minutes and uses less than half the energy of a car.

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