Global Air Cargo Turkey signs exclusivity contract with EgyptAir Cargo

ECS Group’s Turkish subsidiary GAC TR will begin optimising marketing of EgyptAir Cargo's offering from September 2019
EgyptAir Cargo, Global Air Cargo Turkey, GAC TR

ECS Group’s Turkish subsidiary GAC TR (Global Air Cargo Turkey) has signed an exclusivity contract with EgyptAir Cargo (MS) to begin optimising marketing of its cargo offering from September 2019.

"We have been the PSA (preferred sales agent) for MS since mid-2016 and have had the chance to see that MS is very innovative and open to new ideas. To be chosen as the GSA for Egyptair and have the opportunity to continue serving them is very exciting – exciting to know that we can be a part of their continuous development,” said GAC TR managing director Nursel Guven, in a statement.

Based in Istanbul and founded in 2015, GAC TR now has seven employees.

Guven added: "With the new GSA contract, we will have opportunities to cooperate with MS on new routes and
projects, which will demand high levels of skill in project development and sales."

"With this partnership between Egyptair and GAC TR, we are once more opening up a huge range of possibilities to local airlines and GSAs. It’s proof that as a member of our group, a GSA can become a significant regional player for a major airline,” said Sauro Martinelli, regional manager Europe at ECS Group.

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