US$50m-air traffic control (ATC) tower operationalised at Delhi airport

Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport has launched the tower to enhance the efficiency of air traffic management services
ATC, Air traffic control (ATC), Indira Gandhi International airport, Delhi

A new air traffic control (ATC) tower is now operational at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport; this is expected to significantly enhance the efficiency and quantum of air traffic management (ATM) services at one of India’s busiest airports.

The new ATC tower at IGI airport, India’s tallest at a height of 102 metres, is said to be the ninth highest ATC tower globally, reported Arabian Business.

Delhi airport's new ATC tower, built at a cost of about US$50 million, is equipped with the latest technology which will help high level of precision in air traffic management in terms of tracking flights, officials at Airport Authority of India (AAI) have said.

The old ATC tower at IGI airport could handle about 75 air traffic managements (ATMs) per hour. The new tower could increase the ATMs by about 25-30%, AAI officials said.

AAI officials, however, said the exact capacity of the new ATC tower will be known only when the fourth runway at IGI airport becomes operational.

GMR Group-led Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) said it had built the tower building about three years ago and handed over to AAI. AAI officials admitted that the operationalisation of the new ATC tower was delayed due to ‘technical glitches’.

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