Thales technology key in securing Muscat International Airport

The new terminal, which was unveiled back in March 2018, is expected to manage over 20 million passengers per year
The $1.8-billion airport terminal was unveiled back in March 2018.
The $1.8-billion airport terminal was unveiled back in March 2018.

Thales, an integrated security and telecommunications solutions provider for critical infrastructure, has played a pivotal role in helping secure the new and highly modernised terminal of Muscat International Airport.

Unveiled in March 2018, the new terminal is expected to tackle demand of a 17% increase in passenger arrivals in annum, which equates to roughly 20 million passengers per year. To meet this challenge, the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Oman selected Thales to deploy a wide range of security technologies.

At the heart of the deployment is Thales’ Airport Operation Control Centres, which consists of an advanced perimeter intrusion detection system, a video surveillance system, access control and screening equipment.

Additionally, the company has implemented a full Airport IT suite that oversees airport operations and is supported by an information broker that manages integration and communications between systems.

Roger Daix, VP of Thales Middle East, said: “We are delighted to have partnered with Muscat International Airport to meet the needs for integrated security and operations protocols at the new airport. Through our industry-leading solutions, we are ensuring efficient operations and the safety and security of the overall infrastructure as well as that of the passengers.

“We’d like to thank the Authorities in Oman, the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Oman (MOTC) and Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) as due to our partnership we are able to continue supporting their efforts in the development of major infrastructure projects within the country,” he added.

Thales’ security infrastructure is further bolstered by fully redundant data centres, which includes server farms and the storage area network, access and backbone network, along with trunked radio system and network security applications.

The company reports that to meet the high standards as required by Muscat International Airport, all systems have undergone a total of 45 operational readiness tests.

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