IFS' James Elliott highlights the latest trends within the global MRO market
15 Jan 2018
The director of MRO Product Line at the Aviation and Defense Business Unit for IFS, explains how airlines and MROs need granular insight into every part of every asset as new maintenance and planning models enter the com...
Biometrics and its value for air travel
14 Jan 2018
A deeper look at the impact of biometrics on the region’s booming air travel market
Omobono's Annie Gelinas discusses quantum computing
27 Dec 2017
Annie Gelinas, project director at creative and technology agency, Omobono explores the impact of accelerated innovation on commercial airlines 
Paper-based systems can’t last
14 Dec 2017
Simon Meyer, Managing Director of Aviation Solutions at Human Recognition Systems on how to get the industry to online security processes
Sponsored: Biometric technology rises to the challenge of air passenger growth
23 Nov 2017
Sandra Valero, Business Development Manager for Government Programs in the Middle East at Gemalto, on how the tech is being used at airports worldwide
Key takeaways from Aviation Business' conversation with Emirates Chairman Sheikh Ahmed
04 Nov 2017
Emirates' chairman Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al Maktoum spoke at length about lease agreements, multiple economy sections, mergers and partnerships, as well as Dubai's grand aviation plan

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