Dubai International runway closure sees 131% increase in DWC traffic

Dubai Airports said the expansion of operations at DWC was roughly equal to opening an airport the size of Glasgow overnight
Al Maktoum International Airport (AFP/Getty Images)
Al Maktoum International Airport (AFP/Getty Images)

More than 900,000 passengers transited through Dubai World Central (DWC) in a 45-day period, largely driven by the transfer of flights from Dubai International Airport’s southern runway between April 16 and May 30, according to Dubai Airports.

In total, passenger traffic at DWC rose to 1.2 million during the first half of 2019, compared to 517,813. an increase of 131%. 

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“The 45-day period was a major challenge for DWC as the airport had to accommodate a massive spike in both passenger and flight traffic – going overnight from 10 flights a day to 80 flights on peak days,” said Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths.

During the 45 day period, 600 pieces of heavy equipment had to be moved to help ready the facility for the influx of flight. According to Dubai Airports, the expansion of operations at DWC is roughly equal to opening an airport the size of Glasgow overnight.

The South Asia region accounted for more than a quarter of the traffic, with 379,81 customers, followed by the CIS (312,083) and the GCC (281,184).

Both Eastern and Western Europe accounted for over 100,000 customers each.

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Russia topped the list of destination countries in H1, with customer numbers exceeded 293,100.

Coming in second was Saudi Arabia (201,138), India (193,900) and Germany (89,416).

Top destination cities included Moscow (165,367), Jeddah (55,873) and Karachi (39,762).

A total of 22,127 flights took off or landed at DWC during the same time period, a 37.7 percent year-on-year increase.

DWC was served by 11 passenger airlines operating an average of 525 weekly flights to 31 international destinations during the 45-day period. The airport is also home to 18 cargo operators that fly to as many as 45 cities around the world.

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