SAP MENA, DTP using HANA to hone UAE airports pitch

An airport performance monitoring solution by DTP and SAP could prove immensely beneficial for airports in the Middle Eas
SAP also plans to launch public cloud facilities in the UAE next year that will help boost its offering to aviation
SAP also plans to launch public cloud facilities in the UAE next year that will help boost its offering to aviation

After announcing Dubai Technology Partners (DTP) its preferred aviation partner earlier this year, SAP MENA is now using its much touted HANA solution to hone its pitch to the UAE’s aviation industry.

Making no secret of its intent to target airports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, day 3 of GITEX Technology Week 2016 saw DTP demonstrating the implications on operational efficiency that a product it is currently trialing, and which is powered by HANA, could have when deployed.

Airports routine tasks which are often complicated with countless variables including but not limited to weather, delays, and traffic, according to DTP’s managing director, Abdul Razzak Mikati. “They can really strain resource deployment across the entire facility,” he says.

DTP’s ‘airport performance monitoring solution’–a working name hasn’t been announced yet–could prove immensely beneficial for airports in the Middle East with their world-beating ambitions and capacities already strained. With the unveiling of Concourse D earlier this year. Dubai Airports, for instance, opened a new concourse earlier this year which is expected to increase footfall 20 percent before 2020, making it potentially the busiest airport in the world.

Airports are immensely complicated facilities with multiple susbsytems affecting their operations and performance, according to Tayfun Topkac, managing director, SAP UAE. “They have a range of products including performance trackers, and operational databases they use to drive performance,” he says. “But HANA has proven efficiency in multiple industries, and there isn’t a solution like it that can help deliver business relevant visual information in real time.”

SAP’s drive to spread HANA’s adoption across a wide range of industries, including sports, hospitality, healthcare and others precedes its concerted thrust into aviation. According to Markets and Markets, the global aviation analytics market is set to reach US$4 billion by 2021 and real-time analytics will helping airport operators and airlines better manage aircraft turnaround, crowd control, and back-end operations. In the Middle East the company is also working to deliver other solutions to the industry, including a product called LiveAir, which utilises Amazon’s virtual personal assistant Alexa, to help passengers and staff query and receive information of flight times, delays, directions and other information. Meanwhile in the UAE next year, SAP also plans to inaugurate its public cloud facilities that will help boost its offering to all industries including aviation.

“UAE law prohibits the export of data outside the country, and airport data is particularly sensitive,” says Topkac. “With the data centre, we would be better positioned to offer a further range of capabilities, powered by HANA to the industry, and eliminate the risks typically associated with the technology.”

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