New Istanbul Airport outfitted with digital duty free zone

Digital technology will allow for a more touch-free and smoother passenger shopping experience
Istanbul airport, New Istanbul Airport, R&M, Unifree Duty Free

Unifree Duty Free has implemented new retail technologies at the New Istanbul Airport to create a smoother and more digitised passenger journey.

These solutions – which rely on a network infrastructure from Swiss structured cabling specialist R&M – include three-dimensional holograms, enhanced digital signage systems and touch-free digital shopping technologies.

Osman Ayhan, Director of Information Technology at Unifree Duty Free, said: “Enhanced digital signage systems give customers the opportunity to virtually try on luxury watches, jewelry and suits before they decide whether to buy or not.”

This touch-free experience will be especially important to travellers in the post-COVID world.

Global events at the start of 2020, have resulted in a spike in digital payments with the total transaction value in the digital payments segment projected to reach $4.4. trillion this year.

As retailers see a surge in digital and contact-less payments, the network from R&M will enable retailers are the Duty Free zone to offer these options in a reliable and secure manner, the firm said.

Ayhan explained that the decision to partner with R&M was based on a recommendation from the airport’s IT department which has itself utilised 5,400 km of copper cablings and 3,270 km of fiber-optic cabling from R&M for connectivity of critical airport IT systems.

“The technologies we have provided serve as a reliable platform on which the company can continue to innovate with confidence in the performance, security and reliability of the underlying systems,” said Nabil Khalil, Executive Vice-President of R&M Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

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