Abu Dhabi Airports primes 17,000 staff to operate new Midfield Terminal

Series of initiatives run in partnership with Etihad Aviation Group are designed to ensure the new terminal will run smoothly and efficiently once it opens
Midfield terminal, Abu Dhabi Airports, Etihad Aviation Group

Abu Dhabi Airports and Etihad Aviation Group have begun taking measures to prepare some 17,000 employees to operate the new Midfield Airport Terminal at Abu Dhabi Airport.

The programme aims to ensure employees of all airport organisations are familiarised, inducted and trained (FIT) to operate the new facility.

The digital launch of the My Terminal Complex (MyTC) campaign began with a pop-up website communicating important information about the Midfield Terminal to employees.

It is hoped that the website will help employees from all departments across Abu Dhabi Airports, stakeholders and Etihad become familiar with the key activities and work streams at the Midfield Terminal.

Bryan Thompson, CEO of Abu Dhabi Airports, said the new initiatives were “instrumental aspects” of the terminal’s operational readiness and ensuring efficient operations at the terminal once it is open.

Tony Douglas, CEO of Etihad Aviation Group, said: “Initiatives such as the FIT programme and its campaign ‘MyTC’ are crucial to preparing our employees for work in the new terminal and to enabling their efficient use of its cutting-edge technologies.”

The internal website for employees of Abu Dhabi Airports and Etihad Aviation Group went live last week and is optimised for access via smartphones and tablets.

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