Hard landing forces nose gear up into fuselage in Antalya Airport incident

Nordwind Airlines A321 suffers hard landing as it attempts to touch down in Turkey’s Antalya Airport
Antalya airport, Nordwind airlines, Hard landing
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A Nordwind Airlines flight hit the runway so hard on landing that its nose gear was forced up into the fuselage and penetrated the cabin floor.

The Airbus A321-200 was landing at Antalya Airport in Turkey when the incident occurred and the nose landing gear tyres burst and the forward fuselage section suffered serious damage.

No passengers were on-board the flight and nobody was injured.

According to a report made by the captain after landing, the flight performed a stable ILS approach to runway 36C.

He attributed the hard landing to 'windshear' over the threshold. He conducted go-around was during which the navigation and attitude indication failed.

Smoke entered the cockpit and the flight declared a Mayday. Subsequently a low pass was made over runway 36C so the tower could assess the damage to the aircraft.

Then a dual hydraulic failure occurred, and the fight again declared a Mayday. A left-hand visual approach was flown to runway 36C and the aircraft landed safely.

Russian airline Nordwind confirmed: “Due to windshear a hard landing occurred on flight N4 1801 Moscow-Antalya while conducting a go-around with subsequent safe landing. After the landing it was revealed that the aircraft had sustained damage to the nose-gear.”

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