Design of new airport in Abha finalised

New terminal at the airport will accomodate five million passengers annually.
Artist's impression of the new airport in Abha. Photo:
Artist's impression of the new airport in Abha. Photo:

Designs for the new Abha airport have been finalized and preparations are under way to offer the project for tender, the Saudi Gazette has reported.

The project will have to be completed within two years, said Dr. Faisal Bin Muhammad Al-Suqair, deputy chairman of GACA.

Al-Suqair said GACA, with support from its chairman Prince Fahd Bin Abdullah, is forging ahead with the construction and modernization of the Kingdom’s airports with the aim of developing them to keep pace with the growth of the global aviation market.

The main features of the new Abha airport include a new passengers terminal that will accommodate five million passengers annually; 20 passenger boarding bridges; a yard for planes to park and parallel corridors to accommodate 26 planes simultaneously; car parking buildings that can accommodate 2,800 cars; buildings for the Presidency of Meteorology and the Environment, airport administration, aviation and airport maintenance; a mosque that can accommodate 1,000 worshipers; buildings for police authorities working in the airport; and buildings for administrative and technical support.

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